About the Rose Bowl Aquatics Swim-a-thon: SAT set up - both pools

The "Swim-a-thon" is a USA Swimming sponsored event that we (Rose Bowl Aquatics) utilizes as our one and only fundraiser each swim year. We believe it to be a perfect blend of helping our TEAM raise money to continue to be able to offer everything we do here at Rose Bowl, but also our opportunity to give back to the sport by giving the required 5% back to the USA Swimming Foundation.

Swim-a-thon details:

Each swimmer, regardless of age, will swim either 200 laps (5000 yds), 2 hours, or as long as they can make it, whichever comes first. Here at Rose Bowl we then break things up even more by stating how long each group must swim first before the use of any equipment is allowed. Our older and/or more advanced groups will end up swimming the entire event straight, no equipment, and for time. Our younger and/or less advanced groups, will be assigned distances they must swim first before having the opportunity to add equipment.

We have also prided ourselves on the total TEAM event that is created around the swim-a-thon itself. First off, parents this is your opportunity to be on deck, right in front of your swimmers' lane, and be counting for them as they move through 200 laps. This is also a great time to socialize with other parents (although don't get too distracted and forget to count the laps, as your swimmer won't be very happy doing "bonus" yards in the case ;-) and just enjoy a nice afternoon on the deck.

Following the swim, we also provide dinner (tacos this year) for all families in attendance. Then it's time for festivities. These include a "social hour" for parents, shallow water fun for swimmers with a DJ, games on deck (which this year will once again feature the opportunity to dunk your coach in the Dunk Tank), and more fun.

In addition to all of that fun, we also utilize our Swim-a-thon as a time to recognize our incredible Seniors as they prepare to head off to college. Throughout the evening you'll have the opportunity to listen to our Seniors share their thoughts on their time here at Rose Bowl and to thank those that have meant so much to them.

It is always our best TEAM event of the year and we hope that all of you will join us.

Go Rose Bowl!