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On the afternoon of May 6th, 2017, every member of our TEAM, more than 450 athletes, will swim 200 laps to support our program. As a TEAM we have been recognized nationally for our Swim-a-thon success for many years. We know our community is strong, and our swimmers are swimming faster than ever locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Daily training, regular competition, and an emphasis on PROCESS by which goals are accomplished offers fundamental life lessons to our swimmers.Our theme of "Rose Bowl Go!" is perfect for our athletes as they strive to "find" and "capture" valuable life lessons like personal responsibility, independence, persistence, hard work, and commitment to achieve goals. They then become strong individuals able to face challenges with confidence and optimism.

The Swim-a-thon allows the Rose Bowl Aquatics Swim Club to maintain activities and operations separate from those covered by monthly and annual dues. Just a few of those examples are below:

• Relays at all meets;
• Team travel and participation in meets at all levels from local and regional meets to national competition across the state and country;
• Capital expenses and improvements such as new starting blocks, our touchpad timing system, and Rose Bowl tarps that protect our swimmers from weather and create a TEAM area at all meets.

This year we are very excited to be raising this support not only for our normal operating expenses of the Booster Club, but also for two new projects that both offer TEAM-wide benfits. The first is a brand new and improved scoreboard, and the second being a strength and conditioning program for every group that will be tied together as swimmers move from group to group. These are very exciting steps for our TEAM and we need your support to make them both a reality.

Every single member of the TEAM benefits from funds raised by this event, please support the 2017 Swim-a-thon.